School News April 2017

At Hawksworth School

the Staff and Governors believe it is important for children to try and live their daily lives by up-holding Christian Values. As a school family 6 values have been chosen which are celebrated throughout the school year. These are:-Love, Trust, Courage, Friendship, Respect and Forgiveness.

Our theme for the half term up to Easter is TRUST.

The school recently held a Sign 2 Sing event.Sign 2 Sing is organised by the Deaf Health Charity SignHealth which raises funds to help vulnerable deaf children and adults. Parents were invited into school for the event and a pleasing amount was raised for the charity. Photos of the event are on the school website

Our biggest fund raising event each year is the ‘Over the Odda’ race which this year is being held on 6th May. The adult 10K race is sold out but there are still places available on the Junior races.

The Junior races start at 9.30am and the 8-11 years old race is I mile and the 12-17 year old 2 miles. It is £3 entry for both of these races and you can book on (search keyword Over the Odda).

The Season of Lent at
St Oswald’s C of E Primary School

The season of Lent has great significance in the Christian calendar, but understanding of this season beyond church circles can be very limited, often just a the vague idea of giving up something that is bad for you for a while. This year at St Oswald’s we have set out to give the children a broader understanding of Lent and its importance to Christians.

On Ash Wednesday, we had a special service in school, led by Father David. He explained the significance of Ash Wednesday to Christians and the symbolism of ashing as a sign of repentance. The children and adults were then given the option to come forward and have the sign of the cross marked in ash on their foreheads. Many chose to do so. The service was concluded with prayers said by the children and a blessing by Father David.

We have also studied the meaning of Lent together. Starting with the Christian characteristic of Endurance, which is one of our five core Christian values in school, the children have been challenged by the question, “Are you a sticker or a quitter?” Over a series of mornings in Collective Worship, we looked at how endurance is an important characteristic to have in daily life, but how also, on a spiritual level, Christians believe that God supports us to endure by the Holy Spirit. We have looked at ways we can develop endurance, like an athlete training for an event, and we have considered the accounts of Jesus’ time in the wilderness. The children have been encouraged to see that giving something up can be beneficial in itself as it helps us to develop this characteristic of endurance, even apart from any benefit gained from giving up something that might be bad for us. In addition, they have learnt that Lent could also be a time to take up new positives habits, which put others and God before themselves.

As in recent years, we will draw Lent to a close, as Easter approaches, with a “Teaching Eucharist” in church. In this special service, Father David takes us step by step through a child friendly Communion service, explaining the importance of each element and linking it to the Easter story. At the conclusion of the service, all those who are confirmed can receive communion, whilst the rest of the school receive a blessing.