Ringers Rules 1847

Ad displayed in the Church Tower


Rules to be observed by the Ringers of the Parish Church of Guiseley

Rule 1 There shall always be Eight regular ringers, and Two or more learners to practise, and in due course, to take the place of any of the first Eight as vacancies may occur, unless any reasonable objection to their appointment should arise, from misconduct, or otherwise.
Rule 2 Twice in every week the above, or at least Eight of them, shall practise Ringing for one hour and a half at each time.
Rule 3 During the above times of exercise, all present shall engage to observe order and regularity, and to confine themselves to the object for which they meet. And no Ringer shall be allowed to introduce more than one friend into the Ringing Chamber at one time.
Rule 4 At these Meetings for practise, no person shall be allowed to enter the Church with his hat on, no smoking or drinking shall be permitted, no light used except what is indispensable and the Ringing Chamber shall always be kept in a decent state.
Rule 5 The regular Ringers shall engage that they will always punctually attend at Church, or provide substitutes, on Sundays and Christmas Day, in due time to assist in the Ringing, and afterwards to attend Divine Service in the Church.
Rule 6 Whenever the Bells are rung on account of any public rejoicing, or at weddings, or such other customary or extraordinary occasions as the Minister and the Churchwarden shall approve, the whole amount of Ringing shall be comprised within moderate bounds, and not carried on to the annoyance of neighbours, and a respectful forbearance shall be observed, if, at any time the ringing of the Bells aseasonally interfere with cases of illness.
Rule 7 There shall be no proposal or attempt to ring the Bells on any frivolous and unsuitable occasion: neither shall they be rung on Sundays except for the purpose of calling people to Divine worship; in other words, no practising will be allowed on the Lord’s Day.
Rule 8 The Eight regular ringers shall consider themselves bound to see that these Rules are steadily observed, and shall be answerable to the Minister and Churchwarden for their enforcement; to whom, if they find themselves obstructed in the same, they shall make known such obstruction, and for direction and support; while if they themselves are chargeable with a breach of any of the Rules they shall forfeit their appointment.
March 3rd 1847 Signed
J H F Kendall, Curate                                                William Downham, ChurchwardenWe the Minister and Churchwarden of Guiseley, in the County of York and Diocese of Ripon, do hereby appoint the underwritten Men, to be Ringers of the Parish Church of Guiseley (they having first agreed to obey the above Rules) viz:


 1. John Cooper      6. James Preston
 2. William Cooper      7. Thomas Stephenson
 3. James Cooper     8. John Stephenson
 4. Joseph Shepherd  9. John Tempest
 5. William Oddy     10. James Walsh


In witness whereof we have set our hands this 4th day of March, in the Year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty seven.  William Downham Churchwarden